Thank you for your interest in the history of Adelami MG. We are sure that you will like it.

The story of AdelamiMg begins in 2015. We realized that we want to create a company that will put a soul into each of the medical products. AdelAmi Medical Group is an enterprise that honors traditions, family traditions. We approached the process of creating a company with tenderness and love, studied everything to the smallest detail - logo design, memorable and gentle company name, our mission, goals and traditions.

We ruined "millions" sheets of paper before we came to the ideal. Inspiration led us to AdelAmi and became a part of each of us, we created a huge company with our own hands, and we are proud of it. We want you to immerse yourself in the history of our company, through the drawings that we have prepared for you. Have a nice trip through our history. Enjoy.
« AdelAmiMG creation process in 2015 »

The official opening of the company took place in 2016. In the figure below, we tried to convey to you how it really was. It was an incredible moment that we will remember for a lifetime - this is a moment of happiness, emotional relief, pride and excitement. We understood that we were ready to create new, excellent medical products that would bring happiness to doctors and patients. We knew, that we were revolutionizing the quality of next-generation medical products.

Looking ahead, we can confidently say that all our plans have come true.
« AdelAmi MG Opening Ceremony in 2016 »

2016 (2nd. quarter)
Our first large partner was a Russian company that invented a new formula of professional cosmetic fillers, so, we began to work long and hard to create a new product. We spent almost a year testing the manufactured product samples, we created a medical product that was supposed to win the hearts of doctors and patients.

The project was successfully completed. DELIGHT fillers were of impeccable, undeniable quality. We regularly produce them, because they are loved and appreciated not only in Russia, but around the world. Currently, we produce more than 300,000 DELIGHT fillers with consistent quality per year. And this is the success of our enterprise.
« Our first partner in 2016 »

2016 (3d. quarter)
In 2016, we were entrusted with the production of new age biorevitalizants. The task was not easy, because the formula and composition was unique, not yet tested by anyone. We gladly accepted this challenge.

Today, JUVENELL biorevitalizants are actively used by doctors in Russia, Asia and Europe, and we are confident that they will soon conquer the whole world.

Yes, and this is another non-standard and successful case of our work.
« The first biorevitalizant produced in 2016 »
since 2017 (to present)
Since 2017 to present we continue to create unique products for companies around the world.

Our mission - We are working to make new medical developments come true. We inspire people to beauty and care about their health.

Our goal - To combine the best inovative development with srtict quality control. Create only elegant medical products, to pay tribute to the traditions of the best Israeli laboratorios, and our family tradition of quality.
« Our mission & goals 2016 - to present »